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Wear Denim Jacket to Work [5 Professional Ideas for Men]

These days people wear Denim jackets as a timeless fashion staple. In mild cold weather, denim provides a cozy warm feeling with style for outings with friends and partners. But you may get mental fatigue from wearing the same formal attire every single day. Why don’t you follow the strategy of wearing a denim jacket as a formal outfit to your office?

The history of denim jackets started as workwear, not as an official outfit. Since then it has evolved a lot and now it is very versatile. But, sometimes, people feel hesitant about wearing a Denim jacket to a regular office day. 

There might be some reasons why you want to layer a denim jacket over. Maybe your workday doesn’t have much pressure or maybe you don’t have not much official work. Or you may want to join a party after your office but not with the official outfit.    

Depending on your workday you can effectively choose your style of layering a denim jacket as the official outfit. Also, you can definitely follow these styles and patterns. Here we have discussed the solution to most of the common queries. For style lovers like you, this style guide will be beneficial.

Business Casual Look with Denim Jacket, Blue Chinos, and Followings

a man wearing denim over a white formal shirt with khaki chinos and a leather shoe

Business Casual look actually means the combination of attire for business and casual dresses. The business casual look is made without ties and suits. 

It gives you a more business look than a more casual one. However, It is not the highest standard of business attire. But, for your office days or regular business meetings, it’s an acceptable outlook.

A Business Casual look is always sleek. Without the layering outfit, the entire dress code offers almost 80% formal outlook.

By following these instructions you can have a smart official look by wearing a Denim Jacket: 

  • Wear a Denim Jacket with Navy Blue Chinos or Khaki Chinos
  • A solid color wrinkle-free, polished clean button-down shirt is a perfect one 
  • A polished leather shoe or loafer is a must for an official look
  • No sneakers, no tie, no jeans

Smart-Casual Ensemble with Denim Jacket

a man wearing denim over a white formal shirt with navy blue tailored trouser and a leather boot

A smart casual look actually combines both formal and casual wear at a time. It means half of your attire will maintain the formal standard and half will maintain the casual version. The main goal of this combination is to attain a relaxed appearance.

For easy understanding, you can wear anything but a complete suit to look smart. However, this type of attire is very much relaxed for 

This type of relaxed attire is suitable for those occasions where a slightly elevated appearance is desired. For example, you can go to business events, social gatherings, or any high-profile casual workplace.

To achieve a smart-casual look wear denim jackets with the following items:

  • Dark-colored tailored trousers or formal dress pants
  • A button-down or button-up shirt of solid color
  • A classic patterned shirt is also a good one 
  • Keep the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned based on the formality of the function or workplace 
  • Wear leather shoes or leather boots for a formal outlook
  • You can also layer denim blazer jackets if you like

By following these methods you can accomplish a moderate standard of formal look with simple comfortable casual attires.

Suit Separates will give you a Versatile Professional Outfit idea

a college of 3 denim jackets with formal shirts and ties

It actually means wearing individual pieces of the product of different patterns and styles. Normally not wearing a complete set like a denim jacket and denim jeans. It can be a combination of jacket and a trousers or something else. 

This styling method will certainly offer you versatile styling opportunities. Moreover, you will get comfortable pleasure and limitless options for customizing to your own taste. 

  • Wear pants of complementary color. Well-fitted pair of pants might be more suitable. For comfort, you also wear medium-fit pants. 
  • Put on a tie with the shirt and make their own combination alone
  • Complete the style by wearing loafers or shoes and the professional vibe is on 

Layered Look with Different Items of Clothing

a man wearing a denim jacket over a white sweater

You might need to wear multiple layers of dresses to get rid of cold and also for style. In this term, people get too much confused about the outlook and how am  I looking. Sometimes people may think of one of the major disadvantages is the breathability issue while wearing a denim jacket. 

 Follow these steps to solve all the problems at once. Here are some cool tips 

  • Wear a sweater over a button-down shirt and layer your denim over the sweater
  • Always choose a neutral-colored sweater or cardigan
  • You can easily wear a hoodie under the layer of the denim jacket
  • Make a combo with dark jeans or tailored trousers, sometimes khakis 
  • Wear boots, converse, or sneakers 

Monochromatic Style with a Denim Jacket to Work

Monochromatic Style with a Denim Jacket in two pictures where two man wearing denim jacket over navy blue shirt or white tshirt

Making a combination of dresses of different shades and textures may bring you an eye-catching style. This will reflect you as a style enthusiast from the crowd. If you want to represent yourself differently, a monochromatic style can be a great option.

A denim jacket with jeans is a very good combination for having a simple monochromatic casual official look. These days high-end denim brands exhibit these monochromatic official styles in fashion shows in fashion weeks around the world

You may also opt for chinos instead of jeans. Whereas jeans will give you a rugged vibe on the other hand chinos will give a sleek, polished, and sexy overview of your appearance. So, it’s all up to you.

  • Select a monochromatic color with different shades of blue 
  • Wear jeans with dark washes or trousers whose color correlates with the jacket
  • Pair these outfits with a light blue shirt or white shirt for contrast 
  • Finish the look with white sneakers or suede shoes

Let’s Conclude

Remember to adapt these outfit ideas to your workplace’s dress code and industry. Some workplaces may have stricter rules regarding denim, so it’s essential to check the guidelines before incorporating a denim jacket into your professional attire.

Our recommendation for you is to not wear a denim jacket too often to your office. It may not look good enough in the eyes of your boss if he always follows formal. So, follow the guidelines and enjoy your lifestyle.

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